Early Childhood I (under 3 at time of enrollment) $12,100
Early Childhood II (over 3 at time of enrollment) $10,600
Extended Day (Kindergarten) $12,700
Full Day (Early Childhood I & Day Care) $16,800
Full Day (Early Childhood II & Day Care) $15,400
Full Day (Extended & Day Care) $15,700
Payment Due Date July 1, 2022

Bi-Annual & Monthly payment plans available for an additional fee

Deposit:  A non-refundable Deposit is due when the contract is returned and is based on your program. The deposit will be deducted from total tuition. The deposit is approximately 10% of the total tuition.

Capital Improvement Fee:  This one-time assessment of $250 per family is applied to new families and must be paid by July 1, 2022.

Tuition:  Tuition Rates listed above are based on the Annual Payment Plan. Bi-Annual and Monthly tuition payment plans are available for an additional fee. Bi-annual or monthly payments must be made through FACTS automated payment system. A FACTS one-time enrollment fee will apply and will be deducted directly from FACTS. Returned check charges apply.

Tuition Due Dates: Annual tuition - July 1. Bi-Annual tuition - July 5 & December 5. Monthly tuition - on the 5th of each month from July through March in 9 installments.

Parent Participation:  Families have the option of contributing 30 hours per family or paying $30.00 per hour for a total of $900.00.  Any combination of hours or money may be used.

Sibling Discount: Available